Bio Fuel Plant, London

At this site on the outskirts of London we installed six containerised bio fuel generators each weighing in at 37.5 tonnes. The site is full of hazards, we deployed a 400 tonne capacity mobile crane to off load and position all six generators from one location, the crane outriggers had to straddle a gas pipeline that was buried just 1 metre below the tarmac road surface. The plinths for the generators sat between the crane position and high voltage cables on steel pylons. The risk assessment and method statement were prepared with great attention to detail and were accepted and approved by our client, the main contractor, the site provider and the utility companies responsible for the gas line and the power lines. On the day of the lifting operation, all six containers were off loaded and landed on their plinths with military precision and without a hitch to the delight of all concerned.

On subsequent visits to this site we fulfilled a number of tasks from installing control panels, huge fuel tanks, oil tanks and pump assemblies, to name but a few, using a variety of specialised equipment.