Data Centre

This particular site is a very high tech, high security, data centre in North West London. We have previously installed four containerised generators on this project, on two separate visits while the site was still under construction. On this occasion we had a number of obstacles to overcome for the delivery of two more generators on another part of the site. The first obstacle was the fact that a 200tonne crane and heavy transport had to traverse a series of duct covers that run diagonally across the site, beneath the covers are high voltage cables. The landlord had a serious concern that the integrity of the duct covers should not be compromised. We arranged for a specialist company to lay aluminium trackway panels in a double layer at right angles to each other across the covers thus reducing the impact of the crane and transport. The next obstacle involved the removal of a section of cladding from the building, the panel was 8 metres wide x 5 metres tall and weighed over 3 tonnes, we successfully removed and replaced the panel without causing damage to any cladding.

With the cladding removed the containers, weight 40 tonnes each, were off loaded and skated in through the side of the building onto their respective plinths.

All associated components were then positioned and fixed. The contract was completed on time to the full satisfaction of all concerned.